Become a SMART Recovery Volunteer Facilitator

SMART Recovery offers Online Training

SMART Recovery Facilitator Training

SMART Recovery offers online training for individuals who are interested in becoming a SMART Recovery meeting Facilitator or Volunteer. This training is provided for individuals who are planning to start a new (or to facilitate an existing) SMART Recovery face-to-face or online meeting within 3 months of their training, or for those who are becoming a SMART Recovery Online (SROL) Volunteer.

The Get SMART FAST (Facilitator And Support Team) training course has been created to provide participants with the necessary knowledge of SMART Recovery and the SMART Recovery 4-Point Program®, allowing them to proceed capably and comfortably in their role as a SMART Recovery® meeting Facilitator or Volunteer.

Get Registered

online_trainingTraining sessions take place monthly. Registrations for the upcoming Facilitator training sessions are taken through the 15th of the month immediately prior to the monthly session. Any registrations received after the deadline will be placed in the next available training session.

For example, registrations for the January training session are taken through December 15th. Registrations received after December 15th will be placed in the February training session.

(Registering a group? Please contact our Central Office for assistance.)

There is a $99 non-refundable registration fee for Facilitator Training, which covers some of the cost of the training. For those needing assistance with this fee, full or partial scholarships are available by contacting our Central Office.

Get more information on Facilitator Training, and other training opportunities and options at the SMART Recovery Training website.